It would be an inaccurate picture to offer only an excerpt of the following list, written somewhere in the range of fourteen or fifteen years old and found by me in a vain attempt to purge the many relics of my adolescence that fill moving boxes in our basement. This one’s a keeper. Misspellings and a lifetime of friendship intact.

K and I are alike because:

We both love Ramen Noodles
We both love Dr. Pepper
We both hate tomatoes
We both hate mayonaisse
We both hate potato salad
We both hate egg salad
We both hate chicken salad
We both hate deviled eggs
We both hate peas
We both love Long John Silver’s
We both love Captain D’s
We both love cheese sticks
We both love doodling
We both love Hanson (duh)
Our telepathic moments
saying something at the same time
The word snifty (nifty)
hyper moments
sacastic sarcastic
We like purple
love to tye-dye
love sparkles
We are both pretty
We both think we’re ugly
We both love music
We both love art
We both love shoes
snifty hairwraps
snifty power bracelets
snifty rings
We both have long toes
bad concentration
no boyfriends
love nature & peace
We love to smile
enjoy chocolate
We love monkeys & bananas (but not to eat)
We both love drama
We both love singing
Winter of Fire (our favorite book)
We both are abnormal
We both love camaras
We both love each other’s pets
We both love our own pets
We both love Beavis & Butthead
We both love Daria
We both love Grease
We both obsess over Hanson (duh)
We waste money on magazines with Hanson
We both love mail
We both love paper games
We are incurable klutzes
We spill things daily
We both call people evil (if they are)


3 thoughts on “Super-ego

  1. Kelsi No

    This cracks me up. Both that we felt the need to list why we were alike, and the items we chose to put on there…we both call people evil? Because that’s…so unique?


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